Who Can Enroll?

Any man or woman involved or interested in agriculture who wishes to learn and has the desire to participate.

How does the program operate?

Young Farmer members enroll in a local chapter which conducts educational programs, community service projects, and recreational activities. Through these things members are given leadership opportunities through officer positions and event coordination. A Young Farmer member who chooses to participate will receive community recognition. YF chapters are governed by an executive committee consisting of a member based officer team and an adviser who is either the local agriculture education instructor and/or a local agriculturalist.

All local chapters are affiliates of the Colorado Young Farmers Educational Association (CYFEA). CYFEA is a statewide organization of people enrolled in the Young Farmer Program. It is non-profit and non-political. A state institute is held each year. Here, members have an opportunity to exchange ideas, participate in educational programs not available at the local level, to conduct association business and to enjoy fellowship with other Young Farmers in Colorado. The state association helps local chapters to enlist support from agribusiness and industry, to promote good relationships between producers and consumers and increase leadership opportunities. The state website and newsletter improves communication among local chapters.

Delegates from each local chapter form the state association’s legislative body, operating under a constitution and bylaws. Eight state officers serve as the governing body. The state supervisor of agriculture education serves as the state adviser and the executive secretary coordinates all state association business.

Become A Member
The only step needed to become a member is to contact a local chapter and get involved. If you need assistance finding local chapters please get in touch with any member of the CYFEA executive committee.