Our organization is made up of some of the most incredible people, of all ages, that are striving to increase agriculture education and awareness. Joining us enables you to become soundly established in our local communities by providing continuing agricultural instruction. It also offers opportunities to participate in community service, social activities, cooperative projects, and leadership training programs.
Initial steps to starting a Young Farmer Chapter

1. Notify CYFEA that you are pursuing a local Young Farmer chapter

2. Identify and acquire support from the Key Players in your community

a. Advisory Committee/Support Groups
b. Business & Industry Representatives
c. Representing both ag & non-ag sectors

3. Using survey instruments available from the CYFEA, with involvement from the Key Players, Assess the needs of:

a. The Ag Instructor
b. The Ag Program
c. The Community

4. Identify what of these needs can be fulfilled by having a Young Farmer Chapter

5. Secure commitment from the Key Players

6. Secure administrative support within your school district

7. Secure startup funds, which are available thru CYFEA

8. Based on the needs of the community and the input of the Key Players choose a module to present. Identify resource people in the community based on the module chosen, which can, benefit from taking part in the presentation, can bring perspective to the presentation and assist in the flow of the presentation.

9. Have the Key Players pick up attendees for the first module presentation.

10. At the first module presentation identify a core group and get commitment to move forward.

a. Set a schedule
b. Choose the next module
c. Identify additional resource people
d. Develop a recruitment and pickup plan for the next presentation

11. Following the second presentation you may have enough numbers and support to begin officially forming a Young Farmer Chapter. If you feel that you need another presentation to build upon, simply repeat steps 10c & 10d

12. Once you gain commitment and support to form an official Young Farmer Chapter, CYFEA will provide assistance and resources for the group to accomplish this task.